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We promote a Medical Home model that offers the right services at the right time in the right setting.

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Our Care Managers

Have a patient who needs to be referred? We can help you find a qualified provider conveniently located in the area.

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Pharmacy Resource

We offer one-on-one patient education and assist medical professionals with chart reviews, formulary changes and health IT systems.

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Provider Pharmacy

Medication Management

NCCN Pharmacists review medication reconciliations completed by care managers and perform comprehensive reviews to communicate medication issues to the patients’ primary care provider with the goals of improving the quality of care, reducing preventable hospital readmissions and emergency department (ED) visits. Medication management is the main focus of our pharmacists’ activities and is performed for both transitional care and identified chronic care patients.

  • Transitional care medication management focuses on the identification of medication list discrepancies and updates after discharge from an acute care facility. This model serves as a “bridge” to transition the patient’s medication regimen when they go back home.
  • Chronic care patients are identified and referred for medication management by their care manager, their primary care provider, or a pharmacist directly involved in the primary care practice.
  • The pharmacist uses clinical information obtained from the nurse care manager, primary care provider, hospital or physical history, and/or discharge summary to conduct the medication review.

Pharmacy Home Project
The Pharmacy Home Project’s main goal is to promote and encourage medication optimization programs across the spectrum of care that lead to well-coordinated, goal-oriented, continually reinforced drug use plans. Collaboration between pharmacy and other healthcare settings provides comprehensive medication management by including the patient and the patient’s goals in the care plan from one setting to the next.  Click here to learn more.

The North Carolina Association of Pharmacists (NCAP)  focused on CCNC’s Pharmacists and their role in Medication Management in their Winter 2011 issue of North Carolina Pharmacist


Prior Authorizations

North Carolina Medicaid (DMA) Outpatient Pharmacy Services

Durable Medical Equipment

North Carolina Controlled Substance Reporting System
This statewide reporting system was established by North Carolina law to improve the state’s ability to identify people who abuse and misuse prescription drugs classified as Schedule II-V controlled substances (Defined). It is also meant to assist clinicians in identifying and referring for treatment patients misusing controlled substances. Click here to learn more.