The NCCN Network Pharmacy Program has a Network Pharmacy Program Manager (PharmD) two Network Clinical Pharmacists (PharmDs) and two Pharmacy Program Assistants (CPhTs) on staff to educate providers and pharmacies on Medicaid pharmacy policies, to act as resources for patient medication problems, and to provide general drug information. The Network Pharmacists also provide: 

  • Education to providers and staff on quality initiatives
  • Support to Care Management Staff by collecting medication lists from a variety of sources to create a patient medication history
  • Assistance with patient pharmacy management through medication review, medication reconciliation, and patient counseling
  • Assistance to Primary Care Providers in choosing cost-effective alternatives such as generics and over-the-counter agents
  • Direct patient care in hospital and primary care clinic settings

NCCN Pharmacists review medication reconciliations completed by care managers and perform comprehensive reviews to communicate medication issues to the patients' primary care provider with the goals of improving the quality of care, reducing preventable hospital readmissions and emergency department (ED) visits. Medication management is the main focus of our pharmacists' activities.

NCCN has partnered with local Independent Pharmacies participating in the Community Pharmacy Enhanced Services Network (CPESN) to assist our staff and providers in the management of complex patients.  The CPESN is a group of high-performing North Carolina pharmacies committed to broadening the availability of medication management resources to our state’s highest-needs population through active integration of pharmacist activity within the larger care team. These pharmacies offer enhanced services such as synchronization of a patient’s chronic medication fill dates, adherence packaging, home delivery, and comprehensive medication review with in-depth patient counseling. To learn more about the CPESN and locate a pharmacy near you, visit the CPESN USA website at