Community Care of North Carolina works in partnership with the NC Divisions of Medical Assistance and Public Health to operate the Pregnancy Medical Home (PMH) program, aimed at improving the quality of maternity care, improving maternal and infant outcomes, and reducing health care costs.

The PMH program is an outcome-driven initiative monitored for specific performance indicators, such as the rate of low birth weight and the primary cesarean delivery rate. Participating providers receive:

  • Financial incentives from Medicaid for risk screening and postpartum visit completion
  • Ongoing collaboration with a pregnancy care manager
  • Local CCNC network support
  • Data and analytics from CCNC’s Informatics Center
  • Clinical guidance materials and resources

NCCN’s OB team consists of two physician champions and one nurse coordinator, who is the primary point of contact for the PMH program in our network area. This team recruits and supports local OB providers serving the pregnant Medicaid population.

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